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The aftermarket sector in the aviation industry is a substantial source of income. Vendors, manufacturers and MROs are the main actors. Internationally, the aircraft parts and MRO market is dominated by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers like EADS, Boeing, Honeywell) and engines manufacturers (like GE, Pratt and Whitney, Roll Royce), major airlines and independent third party operators. Most of the industry is located in the USA or Europe and leave very little room for other options.
Regardless of you location, you are facing the same problems. Today, every operator is cost conscious. MRO facilities are being challenged by customers to reduce cost and the MRO facilities are in turn challenging suppliers to control material cost while following the maintenance checks as set by the manufacturers and the regulatory authorities.
The African situation differs from others as the African aircraft operators invariably have to import all materials and equipment from overseas suppliers (or  export materials for repairs and overhauls). This ends up making the final cost so expensive as freight, insurance and in some countries custom charges are involved, no to mention the ever present scarcity of foreign currency.
However, the African market growth predictions remain strong mainly due to:

  • The establishment of new airlines and the increasing number of aircraft in Africa which will definitely boost the market
  • New approaches to maintenance programs, facilities, tooling, staffing, materials and inventory management which will attract more profitable quality work
  • Improved quality, turnaround time and price competitiveness
  • New investments and consolidation
  • Supply chain and inventory innovations will continue to add value to operators
  • Improvement and increase in personnel training 

There is potential for your company to develop its business but adopting a commercial business model catering for customer needs and finding suitable methods to overcome the inefficiencies of the old maintenance practices of African carriers will become crucial for your success. This is where Hi-Fly can guide you.

  • We will help you understand the requirements and practice of the market you are entering.
  • We will provide you a strong sales support and reliable people with in-country experience and contacts to deliver business insight .Remember that Customers are placing greater emphasis on “full-service” packages that include training and after-sales support.
  • We will facilitate your marketing and communications efforts. We will help you get appropriate and approved training to comply with safety and security regulations through a wide range of courses related to the maintenance and service of aircraft (training courses for engineers, apprentices and all support staff in the aviation industry).
  • Optimizing procurement and inventory management are critical to you. They ensure the availability of all supply categories for maintaining smooth operation and both are networked with their functional areas that help in making and delivering the desired products. Moreover, procurement and inventory control management form the interface in today’s supply chains. We will assist you in finding and implementing the most suitable software package.

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