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Our customers use our solutions every day to help them make well-informed decisions and moves.

People who are unaccustomed to using the services of Consultants may question the need to obtain independent advice.

The reasons are complex, but basically the consultancy is paid to provide qualified and impartial advice on all subjects of which the client has no specialist knowledge or has limited expertise and manpower. An outside specialist can give a second opinion on issues important to the client's future and throw a searchlight on to those areas in which expertise may be lacking; it makes it unnecessary to recruit extra staff (of perhaps unproven quality and ability) just for a special assignment; results, which are not influenced by inter-departmental pressures, are available rapidly and directly to the board of directors; consultants bring in fresh ideas, stimulate new thinking and generally act as a catalyst.

The use of a consultant can be a valuable investment at a cost which tends to be small when compared with the amount invested in the majority of aviation projects.


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