SAGEM Flight Data Monitoring

In today’s aviation and according flight safety experts, Flight Data Monitoring is a must-have for any airline claiming an efficient Safety Management System. It consists in the recurrent analysis of the flight parameters extracted from the recording equipment on the aircraft. This extensive source of data leads to many advantages applicable to safety, maintenance and operations.

For over 55 years Sagem have been providing state-of-the-art Flight Data Monitoring services and solutions to airlines worldwide. As the result of its strategy to develop airlines’ services, Alyzair joined Sagem in 2010, a pioneer FDM company.

FDM services will thus be provided under Sagem trademark from now on and take benefit of Sagem and Alyzair combined expertise in many fields.

Alyzair has pioneered a large number of innovative technologies regarding flight safety improvement, notably by opening a web interface,, which was the first internet site used for Flight Data Monitoring purposes worldwide. Along the years it became an interactive tool allowing the customers to communicate with Sagem team and use it as a web application.

Identify unsafe trends

Flight data is the most reliable and indisputable source of information related to flight operations. Flight safety officers are able to identify abnormal situations and implement corrective actions to decrease the rate of potentially hazardous flight characteristics.

Identify hazards in operating procedures
FDM have the power to reveal hazards in standard operating procedures. When you are considering a specific flight some events can be defined as minor but when you look at several months of events detection you may discover that the «minor» event repeats itself many times and is in fact a real danger.

Monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions
Statistics allow checking that corrective actions taken have impacted operations as desired and have resulted in a drop-down of events detection rates. Our interface includes all necessary tools to identify hazardous situations, manage corrective actions and monitor their effectiveness.

Reduce operating and maintenance costs
Take advantage of the huge amount of flight data to monitor operations efficiency: fuel consumption, airframe fatigue, engine data, brakes and flaps use. We offer tailored studies on demand. Email alerts with maintenance data will avoid unnecessary checks and AOG.

Optimize training procedures
Use of flight data provides precise and concrete information to support training. Our service includes analyses that are easy-to-understand, made for communication.

Compliance with international and national FDM regulations
Our team will lead a compliance analysis of you recording equipment to determine if the recorded parameters match the regulations you want to comply with. Our service includes all necessary tools to comply with every international and national requirement.
ICAO - annex 6, Amendment 26
EU-OPS - 1.720 and 1.725
CAA - CAP 739
FAA - Advisory Circular No: 120-82
Extended FDM features interactive web interface accessible online 24/7
Customized events detection.
Graphical analyses and 3D animations.
High-end monthly, bimonthly and yearly statistics.
Air Safety Report module: crew reporting and reports collection online.
Confidential discussion group to share experiences.
Corrective actions module: create and follow-up online.
Operations efficiency oriented studies: make your flight data profitable.
Rate of analysis follow-up: monitoring the recording equipment efficiency.
Data exports for any purpose (ex. Engine Trend Monitoring).
3D animations: get real !
Unique SMS features available.


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